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Burning Kiln Winery

Carolinian Canopy Music Series | Valerie Ekoume

Carolinian Canopy Music Series | Valerie Ekoume

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Think Afropop vibes paired with African cuisine - you’ll dance the night away!

The experience begins at 5pm
Concert begins at 7pm

In her vibrant realm, Love reigns supreme, and Afropop serves as the melodic language to convey its essence. VALÉRIE EKOUME, hailing from Cameroon and Paris, infuses her music with the colorful tapestry of her cultural heritage. Prepare to dance to her electrifying AfroPop beats, influenced by Congolese rumba, pop sensations, and the rhythmic traditions of Cameroon, creating an explosive fusion of sound, reminiscent of Assiko and Essèwè.

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